Fan base abuse

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Fan base abuse

Post by RenTimH » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:58 am

I wanted to talk to anyone about the dispute about fan bases of things that many people like saying a curtain game, movies, music, and so on in general. Many nights of either streaming and non-streaming sessions in the past got out of hand about people saying mean things to other people about something that they like and use it against others.

For example..

If Person A likes Mario or Luigi and sometimes or not want to talk about it, while Person B is being rude to him/her about it by saying something about not caring whatever his/her into. Not saying by their own opinion, but try to say something for them is technically wrong, and which makes that person or you being completely insecure and immature for saying unappropriated statements, judgement, and or debates about telling that person to go somewhere else with their favorite things.

Person A: I like Mario and Luigi
Person B: Who cares about Mario and Luigi? We don't.
Person A: But I do.
Person B: Why don't you take it elsewhere and never come back again!?

But what if that person is not saying something can be true, if they like something in common with Person A, that Person B can be hurting someone with lies? Not everyone can speak for something that they like, if Person B can go on with hatred by discriminate them by their weight, race, etc. towards something that Person A likes.

Person A: I like Mario and Luigi
Person B: Who cares about Mario and Luigi? We don't.
Person A: But I do.
Person C: I never said that I don't care about Mario and Luigi.
Person B: Who says that you can talk!?
Person C: If Person A likes it, then I do too.
Person A: Thank you, Person C.

But if that person would make something to make person A even MORE uncomfortable is to add something else into it, after making a fool out of their victims. But it makes it worse for yourself, the tormentor and or others.

Just try to tell that person to not to talk about it or problems would be worsen to each others.

Person A: I like Mario, do you like Mario?
Person B: please, I just don't want to talk about Mario.
Person A: I'm sorry.
Person C: I do want to talk about it. Want to talk about more in the PM?
Person A: Ok.

These kind of behavior that are been used in the past are not acceptable to the community. It makes it worse for everyone else and yourself.

Just try to use fan base minimum as possible, don't be judgmental towards them about what they like, and be nice to others for what they are into. And if they you or anyone else does, Ignore them, and don't let them get to you, and be nice to them too.

(Sorry for the long texts, but still using hate towards fan base can hurt other people. Be nice to others, please?)
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