GoldenEye 007 review (possible spoilers, )

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GoldenEye 007 review (possible spoilers, )

Postby Squall158 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:31 pm

Alright well we all know this game came out about a week ago and i've been looking forward to it mainly cause it looks good. I haven't played throughout the whole single player mode yet or gone online so i won't go into detail on the story.. but most of us know it by now.

Now i'm going to tell you this now if you pop this game in and your expecting Goldeneye 64 don't. Its nothing like the original game. Which is why theres probably a few people going around saying this game sucks. and yes i do think the original is better but that doesn't mean that this game is bad.

Graphics: The graphics are good. The models of the characters look really good. they look about as good as half life 2s graphics. Expect the backgrounds for levels are a little bland though. they could be a little brighter but then again that might be a problem with my T.V. Though the night club level is pretty colorful. the Motion capture actors look Identical to the actors. Which is awesome even though i'd prefer Brosnan over Craig.

Sound: the sound is pretty good. the voice actors sound very clear and crisp. and the guns sounds pretty life like too. Plus theres the famous Wilhelm scream in there. Which is always good for laughs. the soundtrack isn't as good.. expect for the goldeneye theme and some of the songs that play in the nightclub its not very good as the soundtrack from the N64.

Gameplay: The Game plays very good. Though its a bit of a COD clone but that was expected since it is an Activison. what i mean by COD clone is ADS, the grenade indicator, and Rechargeable health. But most FPS's of this Generation have this so its expected. mainly cause Goldeneye 64 hasn't aged well. but you can turn the rechargeable health off if you select 007 Classic. As for controls the game plays pretty well with the Classic Controller Pro. I'd recommend using that controller over the the Classic Controller or the Wiimote and the nun chuck.

As for glitches i've only found one so far. the classic "falling through the damn floor glitch and dying". Thats usually a sign of a badly designed or tested game but it doesn't happen often. it happens rarely but you will probably run into before you finish the game. And since they added checkpoints you won't have to start the mission over like in Goldeneye 007 so its not so bad. annoying but not game breaking.

Again a lot of the gameplay wise stuff they added to the game is common in modern FPS's. so its expected.

also i can't leave this out.. In the original if you didn't complete an objective by the time you finished a mission you would fail that mission and you would have to restart it. In this game it lets you continue but the game bumps you down a difficulty as punishment for not doing all the objectives.

Edit: Forgot about a few things, such as the moments of interactive cut scenes. the only problem i have with them is if you screw up you have to watch that cut scene again up to that point to try again. and you can't skip cut scenes, its like RE4 but a lot easier.

Also at certain points in the game, mostly when you open doors the game will go into a slow motion aspect allowing you to take down the bad guys in the room before they get a shot off.. it mostly happens in rooms with hostages and stuff.

Story: All i have to say on this its basically Goldeneye in Daniel Craig's eyes. It doesn't follow the movie completely but then again neither did the original game.

Multi-player: The only think i've heard about it is it lacks Wiispeak and of course the leader boards are full of cheaters but what online multi-player isn't full of them.

overall: its pretty good for a remake. Not as good or Revolutionary as the original But games like Doom, Duke Nukem, and goldeneye haven't aged well. Not game of the year material but its good and i'd say its worth picking up. I'd say this game joins the short list of Decent games based off of movies.

Alright i finally got around to playing the multiplayer. but there was couple other things i forgot to touch on. mainly things i hate.

Reloading: what i hate reloading? yes in this game... Mainly cause when every you have to reload everything expect your gun and arm goes out of focus... it bothers me mostly cause it ends up straining my eyes... (i'm nearsighted so it really doesn't help since i'm so used to squinting when i'm not wearing my glasses/contacts. ) i get that its supposed to punish spray and prayers and enforce switching to your pistol in a firefight. but its just so annoying!

alright the multi player: There is no Wiispeak and yes the leaderboards have cheaters (mainly some guy named seth who has a ridiculous k/d). It has the CoD loadouts and custom loadouts and stuff. it has a leveling system also. well this was also probably expected. the multiplayer is surprisingly fun though. The only real problem i have with it is Host Migration. There is no host migration. If the host decides to quit for any reason, the game ends and everyone is booted back to the lobby. Eurocom should of taken some lessons on host migration from IW.... COD4 had this same problem at one point. (do wii games ever get updates?) So this is gonna propose a problem since theres quite a few people who rage quit.
but other than that its quite fun... other than mutual deaths... those exist in this game and its horribly annoying.

IMO of course.
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Re: GoldenEye 007 review (possible spoilers, )

Postby Hyp- » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:11 am

Cool Story Bro.
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Re: GoldenEye 007 review (possible spoilers, )

Postby Squall158 » Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:53 pm

Hyp- wrote:Cool Story Bro.

excellent comment old bean

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