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KreamCheese Krew Productions

Postby KreamCheese » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:52 am

Ok, I felt really bored and wanted to put up some videos on here. Now, these videos are ones that either I, myself, or my friends and I have made over the years. Don't expect anything special, it's just us using paint to make movies. We started in '07 and we've kinda not made anything for about a year or two now, but there's still a l lot to watch. It's kinda random and not many people have liked it in the past, but we put in a lot of hard work into it, so we like it. haha. We have a few real-person ones, but not too many. The ones that are animated are silent videos, meaning there is no talking, and just has music playing with word bubbles on screen as it plays... you'll see. Enjoy it if you like it; if not, thank's for watching anyway! :D By the way, all of our videos/movies are connected through a web-like, complex connectivity lol but you don't have to worry about that! ;)

The first few are short and are individual:

Michael's Adventure:

Michael's Adventure 2:

Michael's Adventure 3:

Michael's Adventure in Canada:

Michael's adventure in Tokyo:

Michael's Adventure in Europe:

And the next ones are either in multiple parts of a shorter film, multiple episodes of a series, or multiple parts of a longer movie:

Michael's Adventure 4:
Part 1 (of 4):

Michael's Chronicles:
Episode 1 (of 15):

Michael's Adventure in Nightopia:
Part 1 (of 5):

The next few are full length movies that have deep plots and stuff (or at least we, the KreamCheese Krew, would like to think so =P ).

Michael's Adventure 5: (this one is kinda molded and based around the Mother series =D )
Part 1 (of 15):

A Boy's Adventure:
Part 1 (of 17):

The Greatest Adventure:
Part 1 (of 19):

The next few are some cool, real-life stop-motion videos.

A Trip to Kris' House:

A Trip to Zach's House:

A Trip to David's House:

A Trip to Stephen's House:

I also made a music video of "Dreams in a Pie" from the game Napple Tale:

Hope you enjoyed most of this, and even if you didn't, thanks for at least taking the time to read all this and watch some things. We have many more random video's if you care to watch anything more from us. We have them all on the Youtube channel S30346 ( =D
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