Introducing Our Own Wikipedia Page!

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Introducing Our Own Wikipedia Page!

Post by TomBobBlender » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:26 pm

Our own Wikipedia has been in development for a few months now, and thanks to the efforts of InitialD (thanks for installing it for us!), Foxtrot200 (pretty much setting up the skeleton and basic categories/information of the page), Grifforzer (organizing information into tables) and myself (spending hours recruiting data on the WiiPlay Video Games page among other stream-data pages), we are off to a terrific start!

When we first started this forum, our main intention was to use it as a permanent solution to store vital stream information and details, such as timelines, rules, tutorials, logs, etc. I would like to break away from that tradition and use this forum the way it should be used: community participation in discussions/events. Though we already have a 24/7 chat room where much of the discussion takes place anyway, I hope to make more traditional use out of this forum. We seem to have the bot situation under control.

Now that we have our own "TomBobPedia" page, we can now transfer and store historical data there. Much of this information has been already transferred, though much of it is still in the works in terms of formatting and organization.

I encourage you to create your own account there using your original user name you have used under Ustream/Rizon/Twitch. You can then create your own user page and fill in any details you feel we should know about you. Consider the following as a way to get started:
  • When you first joined
    What your first day here was like (what do you remember going on in the stream at the time?)
    Have you co-hosted before, if so, what games
    Your favorite video games/genres.
    Systems you own
    Age, location, etc.
Be creative :) you can then contribute to the Wiki as a whole, helping us construct our history of 4+ years. There's a lot of information to be completed, and my goal with this page is to spell it all out. Click here to get started =>
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