YouTube Page Maintenance - TheTomBobBlender Show

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YouTube Page Maintenance - TheTomBobBlender Show

Post by TomBobBlender » Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:37 am

As many of you may already know, the official YouTube page of The TomBobBlender Show is now able to accept video uploads over 15 minutes in length. As of today, all of the videos archived from UStream and all of the highlights from JustinTV/TwitchTV have been uploaded. However, none of the videos are detailed with any information, such as proper tags, video descriptions or playlisting.

I am looking for anyone interested in donating their time to help build and organize the YouTube page. It would require a lot of time for one person to go through all 400+ videos, so I'm looking for a few dedicated, trustworthy people. Final approval will be up to my choosing.

If you are interested in helping out, please reply to this thread with your interest. Please only apply if you're serious about the project.

YouTube channel:


1. Many of the video titles are inaccurate or could use better titles.
2. There is a specific format to the video description I am looking forward to using:


{ provide a brief description about the primary purpose of recording the video }
Date: provide the date the video was recorded using the format mm/dd/yy
Time: provide the time the video recording was started (can be determined on UStream under the video information or the stream clock)
Co-Host(s): provide the name of the co-host(s) separated by commas. If you are unable to identify a co-host, please use ???

video tags: be as creative as you'd like, but please keep everything relevant and not misleading. Each video should contain at least the following tags: thetombobblendershow, tombob, tombobblender, show, ustream, twitch, justin
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Re: YouTube Page Maintenance - TheTomBobBlender Show

Post by yuki_fox_demon » Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:26 pm

you already know i'm in!

also, i think a better way of handling this with multiple people (if there are) is that each person is delegated a job. otherwise, it's going to get messy, if you have about three different people trying to make what they think should be a playlist. that, or have a general consesus on at least the playlists, and then have each person do, say, page # through #.
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Re: YouTube Page Maintenance - TheTomBobBlender Show

Post by Pelord » Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:04 pm

I could help within a certain point.

While the UStream videos would probably be easier to enter the correct date/time based off of UStream's time stamps, I know I wouldn't recognize the earlier co-hosts (I know some of those people are no longer around, and the ones who are may sound different because of their microphones). While your JTV/Twitch videos mostly have the in-stream time stamps, the CGC videos most likely don't. I guess this mostly depends on how many people are actually helping, but I would think it would be best to assign those helping to a specific time frame of videos the person would be most knowledgeable about.

I also looked through the Playlists, and there do seem to be some misplaced videos (there's a Sonic CD glitch under the 'Completed Games' playlist for example).
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