TomBobBlender's Stream Committee September 2010!

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TomBobBlender's Stream Committee September 2010!

Post by TomBobBlender » Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:13 pm

It's that exciting time again! The TomBobBlender Show's 7th uStream Committee, September 2010!

The TBB ustream Committee consists of five separate positions;

Vice President
Public Advisor

*no individual may run for president more than two consecutive terms*

Expectations/recommendations/duties are as follows, but not limited to;

The president of the stream shall assume and demonstrate leadership of the executive board. They will have the opportunity to propose or amend possible changes to the streams functionality involving the chat room or the webshow. Ideal candidates should demonstrate a working knowledge of Nintendo, its products and video game history and have an established, frequent and positive relationship with the stream policies and general public of the chat room.

The vice president shall assume all duties expected of the president in the event that they are absent.

This user will determine what our next WiiPlay's will be by organizing the polls of up to four game choices/series as determined by the committee, chat members and game availability. They will structure the weekly WiiPlay schedule to accommodate schedules pertaining to the broadcaster and/or segments purchased by the chat members. This position will also place recommendations on what WiiWare / Virtual Console / video games to purchase.

The secretary will be responsible for maintaining a log of what games have been completed on the stream, including the start and end date of said game. They will also provide the stream with the latest news regarding Nintendo and the video gaming world, as well as keep an updated list of the latest Wiiware, VC and DSi releases, as well as any relevant information pertinent to the Official Stream Timeline and any other activity worth documenting.

The public adviser will be persistent with their duty as the chief recruiter, promoting our channel and community to outside sources in a positive way, especially during special broadcasts having to do with charity, marathons, etc. They will also be in charge of alerting the chat room of upcoming events and updates to the stream, including marathons, important forum topics or discussions and scheduling updates or changes relating to the chat room.

** descriptions subject to change **

You may run for as many positions as you would like, but can ultimately only occupy one. You may create slides to help promote your campaign. Avoid offending other users with your visuals or comments.

Friday, September 24th - 9 PM EST - <<< NOMINATIONS >>>
We will be holding the stream nominations. You must be nominated by a stream member in the chat room in order to be considered. Furthermore, you need to accept the nomination. You MUST BE PRESENT in the chat at the time the position is being announced. No exceptions.

Saturday, September 25th - 9 PM EST - <<< PRESIDENTIAL SPEECHES >>>
All individuals planning to run for president MUST participate a very brief questionnaire on Mumble (microphone required) alongside other president-elects. All will be asked the same questions. Keep your answers short and to the point. They will all be video game-related and shouldn't last for more than 30 minutes total.

Sunday, September 26th - 9 PM EST - <<< VOTING PROCESS >>>
The voting process for all positions will begin! Please listen carefully to directions in the chat. Candidates will be listed with a corresponding number. To vote, simply open a PM with Banondorf and type !vote 2 replace the number 2 with your choice. You only have ONE CHANCE to vote per position.

The final five will then be sworn in as the new TBB ustream committee. Congratulations!

IMPORTANT - Even as committee members, you will NOT be suddenly granted moderator status. Just like everyone else, it must be earned. You will, however, be awarded other awesome goodies!


Make sure your slides are 400 x 300 and are not covered by the scroll bar, clock and Mii on the stream. Send them to me through Skype and I will get them into the rotation as soon as possible. Keep them neat, readable and professional. Use large, bold fonts with contrasting colors.


++ Secretary ++

++ Treasurer ++

++ Public Advisor ++

++ Vice President ++

++ President ++

1. As stream president, what do you hope to do in order to improve the overall quality of the stream?
2. What do you think separates you from other prospective stream presidents?
3. What personal characteristics do you think help strengthen your qualities as stream president?




golfpro 10
Pulselane 25
Sandmich 1

Public Adviser = Foxtrot200

Foxtrot200 31
Wyvernsage08 15

Treasurer = AncientGuru

AncientGuru 17
InitialD 9
lasersamurai 8
MrRayKoma 10
yankees267 2

Vice President = BrawlerX

AsianDude 2
beatman590 2
BrawlerX 12
Eat_box 6
InitialD 8
MrRayKoma 7
pacman911 6
Sandmich 0

President = PrototypeFate

AsianDude 5
BigAl109 15
DJG5395 1
PrototypeFate 28

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Re: TomBobBlender's Stream Committee September 2010!

Post by Lasersamurai » Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:00 pm

I think that a term limit on position other than President would be a good idea. I believe having a term limit would increase variety in the Polls of the Day(in the case of the Secretary) or the games in the poll(in the case of the Treasurer). I have noticed that there are 2 positions whose victors have not changed in such time. I'm not saying that those jobs are being preformed badly, just that it's nice to give others a chance and to add diversity. My proposal on term limits would be something like this: President: 2, Vice President: 2, Public Advisor: 3, Treasurer: 3 and Secretary: 3.
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Re: TomBobBlender's Stream Committee September 2010!

Post by AncientGuru » Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:44 am

Term limits, as Tom has them designed, only prevent someone from winning President 3 straight times. Those who have been president twice can run, and win again, as long as they wait a term.

That said, who exactly would these limits apply to? Here's the last two elections results. I'd like to know which of these you notice has been held for a longer period of time than the others.

October 2009 Elections:
VICE PRESIDENT: Eat_box (pac accepted Public Adviser)
PRESIDENT: RagnellExuro

January 2010 Elections (last ones held):
Public Advisor - Eat_box
Secretary - yuki_fox_demon
Treasurer - AncientGuru
Vice President - pacman911
President - BigAl109

As you can see, not one member served two consecutive terms. This current term simply lasted 9 months (about 3x the normal length).
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Re: TomBobBlender's Stream Committee September 2010!

Post by yuki_fox_demon » Fri Aug 27, 2010 12:06 am

i think he's probably talking about the fact i've been secretary all but two times x3
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