Slide Templates [Outdated]

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Slide Templates [Outdated]

Postby Foxtrot200 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:19 am

Hey, everyone. I was making some slides and I wanted to make sure the slides wouldn't go behind the banner. For the purpose of the future slides, I've made a template to help me out. This template includes the main slide area and the banner area.

I have taken the liberty of converting it to three formats:
JPEG, XCF (GIMP), and PSD (Photoshop)

The only difference between the three is that the GIMP and Photoshop templates have measurement markers on them so you can draw on the banner area without fear of forgetting where it is.

Without further ado, here they are.

**New templates now accommodate Tom's mii

Due to Tom's requirements on slides, I have made the 400x300 templates my main priority.




Have fun with your slides and don't forget that a good slide has bold, contrasting text. :D

Big slide templates (No longer being updated)



Due to Tom's latest layout, slide templates are no longer necessary as most, if not all, of the slide is visible. Just remember to use the new resolution, 640x480, and that when making slides, it's good practice to keep content away from the edges and to use medium to large, bold, contrasting text.

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