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Friend Codes

Postby empressdonna » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:43 am

We had a post similar to this in the old forum ( so I figured I'd post this here too (feel free to move it to a more suitable place)

My list is mostly the same from that post, but i'l repost it anyway:

NOTICE 28/05/09: to anyone that added my 3566-3571-1766 Pokemon Pearl FC, PLEASE change it to the new one. I forgot to edit this FC for some reason!

Wii Number - 1785-0595-9071-9931 [This Wii currently isn't plugged in]

Pokemon Pearl FC - 2535-7098-7121

Animal Crossing: Wild World FC - 0774-6186-2923

Animal Crossing: City Folk FC - 3953-2565-1600

SSBB FC - 4769-3106-8664

Pokemon Platinum FC - 4082 1834 5144

Mario Kart Wii FC - 5027-0832-2567

Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness FC - 1891-7914-5674

The Conduit - 4511-8917-6947


I checked the wii for the wii code I posted (the wii I used to use) and when I plugged it in, the screen was all funky even though the cables were in right and everything so I think that wii is no more.. ;-; i might try and see if it is possible to fix it maybe

please PM me before adding me to any messenger

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