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Reporting Posts

Post by KreamCheese » Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:13 am

I was just randomly wondering if reporting bot posts actually helps you admins in the deletion of those unwanted bot posts, or if it's of a trivial matter if someone reports it or not. I see every new post when someone replies/posts something, and every time I find a bot post, I report it. So anyway, I guess what I'm asking is: is it a trivial matter, and/or should I just not worry about it?
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Re: Reporting Posts

Post by yuki_fox_demon » Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:02 pm

on any other forum, it would probably help, but you really don't need to here :3 I check the forum every day, and it's very obvious when there's a bot post. honestly, i myself don't bother reading the report. I just delete the post and ban the bot. i appreciate the help, though :3
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