This Week in TBB 3/20/11- 3/26/11

Any specific information regarding the WiiPlay's, including weekly progress and map data, can be found here.
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This Week in TBB 3/20/11- 3/26/11

Post by WillSerenity » Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:45 pm

3/20/11 Wiiplay is cancelled until noted that it's back on. Tom's working his arse
off on his ever-important Thesis. Thus means, that information might be incomplete
for the time being, but I should quit being lazy and, at least, log in to grab it,
right? *Smacks self.*

NOTD: Didn't catch it, sorry.
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3/21/11 No records, sorry.

3/22/11 NOTD: Foxtrot200
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3/23/11 NOTD: Zero3K
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At one point in the night, there was video of someone playing Resonance of Fate.

3/24/11 NOTD: xoyv
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3/25/11 NOTD: Zarggg
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3/26/11 NOTD: ModernHyrulian
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