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Introduce Yourself!

Post by TomBobBlender » Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:08 pm

My name is Tom. You can call me Tom, Tommy, TomBob, TBB or any other strange name you can come up with. I have been an active computer user for over 18 years, starting with MS-DOS 3.30 and Windows 3.0. I have been an exclusive PC user up until 2006 when I discovered the magical world of Mac and OSX. I still use my PC as much as I used to, but favor the Mac for its incredible stability and functionality.

I am a musician of all kinds; composer, arranger, performer and educator. I play several instruments, but the piano is my main cup of tea. I don't always like to perform for people, and when I do, it's pretty rare. I have been playing the piano for about 20 years now, and still remains to be one of my most passionate assets of my life. I received my undergraduate degree in Music Education and am currently enrolled in graduate school, earning my Masters of Music in Music Education.

Outside of music, I have a tremendous love for gaming and Nintendo. There are very few memories I have growing up where Nintendo was not a part of them. I am a collector of the retro-Nintendo merchandise and rare items. My proudest achievement among collectibles is the rare Earthbound Air Freshener I received from's PK TUBE'N Contest. Second would be my collection of every single Nintendo Power magazine ever released.

I am very ambitious and outgoing. I am persistent to the point where it begins to irritate others, but I believe it to be a tremendous asset to my personality. Many would say I'm too patient, but what can I say. I love meeting new people, but was never known to mingle with online users up until last year when my YouTube channel exploded with users. I was hesitant to post my Skype and AIM information, but was probably one of the best decisions I've made. YouTube really opened up some doors to the online world for me, and I am grateful to know all of you so well. I enjoy talking to people on AIM and Skype as much as I can spare. You all have something truly amazing and unique about yourselves, and I learn so much from all of you.

I never expected my YouTube or ustream to become as popular as it has, but I'm proud of the accomplishments and will continue to support you guys. You all ROCK!

PS. I enjoy long walks on the beach.
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