TomBobBlender's uStream FAQ

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TomBobBlender's uStream FAQ

Postby TomBobBlender » Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:27 pm

I would like to become a MOD for your stream. What do I have to do?

Mods are carefully chosen by TomBobBlender. If I feel you are capable of handling this responsibility, you will be notified via a private message. Your chat room behavior and conduct reflect your chances of being chosen.

How can I send you music?

If you would like to send music to be played over the stream, please send them to my Skype address at TomBobBlender. Skype is preffered, by e-mail is another option ( This option is available 24/7. Please only send music in MP3 format with proper tag information. Most importantly, please keep your musical selections clean of any inappropriate language.

Can I send you a picture for your slide rotations?

Absolutely! Remember to use large, clear fonts and simple colors.

How do I sign up for Skype Interviews?

You don't have to. Simply call in during the scheduled segment and, hopefully, you will be selected!
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