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TomBobBlender Cardcast Deck

Postby xnamkcor » Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:50 pm

Let's build a Cardcast deck based on the TBB community.

Spoiler for Style Guide:
Custom Decks 101
Cardcast lets users design and play with custom decks. They can be:

Any size
Contain only calls, only responses, or both
Based on a unique theme, or nothing at all
Personalized for your group of friends, or built for anyone to use
Cardcast lets users play with any combination of decks, so no custom deck is too small. An expansion pack of a few calls and responses is a great way to freshen up a stale deck, or add some personalization to the game for the other players to enjoy. Of course, if you're up to the task, you're certainly free to build a large deck that can be played on its own!
Before You Start
Before you click that big button, here are a few things to know:

Don't combine existing decks into a new custom deck. You can play with any combination of decks already!
Read the Style Guide before you start. This will help your deck blend with other existing decks.
Custom decks can be unlisted or listed. Unlisted decks do not appear in search results, but are available to anyone who knows the play code.
If you already wrote a deck, use the upload button. It will save you lots of time.
Create New Deck
Deck Building Style Guide
Part of the fun of Cardcast is combining several decks for a unique game. Following these guidelines will help your custom deck blend with other existing decks.

An underscore (_) indicates where a response fits into a call. Use up to three.
Good: I always say _ makes a great gift.
Good: _ is the best thing about _.
Good: What makes a great gift? _
Bad: What makes a great gift?
Calls: Write as sentences using proper punctuation and capitalization.
Good: The latest Californian fad is _.
Bad: the latest Californian fad is _.
Bad: The latest californian fad is _
Responses: Only capitalize proper nouns and generally exclude punctuation.
Good: yoga classes with Batman
Bad: yoga classes with Batman.
Bad: Yoga classes with Batman
Call and response phrasing must match. Ideally, calls should prompt noun-like responses.
Bad: last night we jump up and down.
OK: last night we decided to jump up and down.
Best: last night was full of jumping up and down.

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