CGC Wiiplay Thursdays Timeslot.

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CGC Wiiplay Thursdays Timeslot.

Postby RenTimH » Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:51 pm

I was talking to Tom the other day, and I decided to fill in for him on Thursdays for now on. We both agreed on it, so I wanted to give you guys a heads up. (or if there is plan for Tom to play a certain game, I can wait, and see what he or I can do.)

Since shocktober is coming up, so I decided to show you either Lollypop Chainsaw for the Xbox 360 or Haunting Starring Polterguy for the Sega genesis.

Lollypop Chainsaw:
Nothing can be better for a cheerleader's 18th birthday on the zombie apocalypse. Meet Juliet, cheerleader of San Romero High school, and the zombie hunter. Today is her 18th birthday, along the way to school, she wield her chainsaw against the horde of zombies to find her boyfriend Nick. When she gets to the meet up with Nick is waiting for her arrival. She was ambushed by the zombie, Nick can in to save her, but he was bitten. Juliet has one way to save Nick… By cut off his head and cast a spell to keep him alive. Along the way, after meeting Juliet’s martial arts, but demented for lust teacher. Telling to both Nick and Juliet that one of their fellow students released the doorway to the world with Zombies to rule the world. It’s up to Juliet to save the day, and hopefully to make it to the best birthday ever, or will the zombies will rot the world and eat our flesh? Find out on Lollypop Chainsaw.

Haunting Starring Polterguy:

(Straight from the video game manual.)

"Dude, death sucks. I had a lot of things I wanted to do, and becoming a ghost was not, like, real high on the list. I mean, not having to go to school is excellent, but all these dungeons I have to hang around are uncool. They make study hall look like a rave.
And I didn’t even do anything wrong to get this way. It’s Vito (Rhymes with mosquito) Sandini’s fault. What a blood sucker. Dude, that dude doesn’t even deserve to be called “dude”. He’s, like, an anit-dude. And I’m not the only one he screwed up, him and his junked-out skateboards.
Sandini sets up an overseas skateboard factory. He was too cheap to hire qualified workers, so he set up a robotic assembly line. It’s bad enough that robots know nothing about skatin’, but Sardini was too cheap to keep them oiled. And he used the cheapest parts he could in his boards.
Squeaky machines with sore elbow building high-velocity leisure devices from yesterday’s trash… dude, the best you can expect from that is major epidemic of concrete measles and a bumper crop of street maraschinos. The worse you can expect happened to me. And I wasn't the only one.
And that’s not all. Sardini’s lawyers used all kinds of tricks to hide his ownership of skateboard factory. He made lots of money from skaters getting wasted, but he never paid the price for it.
Not until now, dude."

After shocktober, I'll be playing the Bomberman series from the NES to the xbox 360. The Rayman series. (I will need cohosts for the first game, because I'm like Tom, for the whole thing.) Or a random game you can think of making me play. All but the DS, 3DS, and PC games that I cannot, due to my memory ram. Name them on the comments below the post, and I'll probably get the chance to play it in time.
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