Mandatory Steps to Host A Show

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Mandatory Steps to Host A Show

Postby TomBobBlender » Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:17 pm

BEFORE you intend to broadcast, please follow these steps EVERY time.

Using the !dashboard command, click the link to be directed to The TomBobBlender Show's dashboard. From here, please fill in the dashboard information using the following syntax:
CGC: Game (Host) Example: CGC: Contra (AncientGuru)

For the 'Playing:' field, check to see if the game you are playing is located in their database. If not, choose a game that comes close to the description. (example: Mega Man 9 is not in the database, so choose Mega Man 2).

These settings will automatically be updated in the chat, but will only do so when the stream video is live, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't update.

You can manually set your game using !setcgcgame (gametitle), but only do so AFTER the chat topic is automatically updated (this will have to be done after Step II).

Please make sure you have accurately set the TwitchTV dashboard paramenters correctly. Once you are absolutely sure all of the information is accurate, you may now begin broadcasting. At this time, the chat topic should automatically change to your settings (allow a minute or less for the information to circulate through the system). If you intend to change games, please do so through the Twitch dashboard. Only use the chat override commands if the Twitch database does not have your particular game. Allow a few seconds for the information to automatically update.

A mass e-mail will be sent out to all of our followers informing them of the details of your broadcast. In addition, it will be announced on TomBobBlender's Twitter and Facebook Fanpage account.

Override Commands:
!setcgcgame (gametitle)
!setcgchost (your username)
!setcgccohost (cohosts)

1. End your broadcast. Twitch will save your video using the information provided in the dashboard settings.
2. Banon should be able to automatically detect that the stream has been disconnected and will change the channel topic and all chat settings for you. Otherwise, type !setcgcgame N/A for a manual override. This will clear all local information regarding your broadcast, and the chat topic should return "Welcome to The TomBobBlender Show!"

PLEASE remember to follow these steps. Otherwise, the wrong information will be sent at the time you begin your broadcast.
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