Pioneer Islands

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Pioneer Islands

Post by Hyp- » Wed May 11, 2011 12:40 pm

Formally "Project Libertas"
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Pioneer Island, circa Today
What are the Pioneer Islands?

The Pioneer Islands (a.k.a Pioneer Island and formally known as Project Libertas) is a free range area on the Minecraft server that represents a small town. Anyone (who has interest) can build a house or business here however they may like, and share it with the world. The idea was created when hyp64 (pakelah on the server) was tired of the restrictions that FoxCity had on housing (not enough room for creativity), so he moved out, looking for a new house (his previous homes have been where TBB Chapel stands, and where the Dance Club on Brawler St. stands) in an area not too far from the main areas of the server, but far enough away that it seemed remote. Originally, the idea was to build a resort for people, but after a trip to DisneyWorld (Main St. USA and the monorails were huge influences), staying in a few resorts, as well as staying in a small beach community in Florida, the idea transformed into a small resort-like town. The original plan was for the town to be located on one island, not morphing it in anyway. However, plans change, and with the World Edit movings of Winding Cathedral (formally in the UWC) and my former home in Foxcity (renovated into a hotel), the area has been altered significantly. There are 3 islands that make up the chain. There is the Main Island (Pioneer Island), the little island that holds the Monorail station to the planned Amphitheatre and Golfcourse known temporarily as Island 4, and the largest island, Libertas, which will be the home of the Amphitheatre, Golf Course, and other buildings/projects. Artificial islands are also being planned, and the area is definitely expanding. If want to learn more about this, just look in the FAQ below.

Info on Pioneer Island (Main Island)

DIRECTIONS: (Walking) Head towards City Wall of Foxcity, hug the wall to your LEFT, and keep doing that until you see a monorail track (above), follow the shore (east) until you see a bridge. Cross it and you're there!
(Monorail) Head to either Island 4 Transit Station or FoxCity Transit Station, and take the monorail until you hit PIONEER CENTRAL STATION. Once there, exit out.
The Warp for Pioneer Island (which will soon be removed, or turned to private) is /warp island. The warp will soon be put on Island 4 Transit Station.

Pioneer Island is the founding island of the Pioneer Islands. Starting as a small town-like area, the Island has been transformed into the main focus of this project. It is home to the first monorail station, PIONEER CENTRAL STATION, and is the second station on the FoxHyp 64 Monorail, which leads to Island 4's Station, and the FoxCity Transit Center. There are many other things that are being built on the island, are being planned, or have already been built/moved, which include:

-Island Hotel (almost complete): The small hotel that originally was Hyp64's mansion in Foxcity. The mansion had it's bell-tower removed, and the rooms were redesigned to fit a hotel-like atmosphere. Although not complete, if you wish to stay on the island, you may do so here.

-Tree Tower: HUGE tree growth happens here. It is the 2nd largest building, and is a great view of the surrounding area. The trees grown here are rotated between Birch, Oak, and Redwood every 3 months (current cycle: Oak)

-Winding Cathedral: Formally located in the UWC (Underwater City), the Cathedral was built between February and March, and still is not complete. Think of it as Hyp64's Sagrada Familia. The church serves as the main center of worship (replacing the old Pioneer Chapel, a small wooden chapel), and as the auditorium for the area. Things that are still being built include the large domes, the crypt underneath, and the gardens surrounding the church.

-Fox Park: Named after one of the benefactors of the island, it consists of a fountain, public seating, trees, and the message board for the town (temp.). It sits in the main square of the island.

-Mines on the Island: There are 4 mines on the island; Alpha Cave, Beta Quarry, Wolf Mine and Gamma Public Mine. Alpha Cave is now closed due to lack of use, but you may ask to mine there with permission. Beta Quarry can also be used for cobblestone and sand, but due to being in proximity to other buildings underneath as well as the monorail line to Island 4, it's used now as a temporary Redstone Experiment area. Gamma Public mine is a Public Mine that can be used for anything, but cannot be used in direction to the town. The final mine, Wolf Mine, is an old private mine that is hidden. Do not go looking for it.

-Takochu's Bakery: Bakery of the town, Takochu will be selling cakes, bread, cookies (or jaffa cakes), and other good meals. The farm she uses is an underground catacomb that runs deep.

-Commercial/Residential Building (not complete): Located diagonally from the Town Storage, the building (lumped together with the Forge Building) will be home to the General Store, and apartments.

-Arcade (not complete): Will be home to shops (2-4) in the area, such as the SeaShop (sells boats, fish, and Rods)

-Public Forge: Located in the Building-Arcade-Forge complex, people can use these mines publically to smelt whatever they need. Also is the entrance to the Beta Quarry.

Other things that will soon be built include City Government Complex, more homes (including mine), a Bank, and future projects.

Info on Libertas Island

Directions: The island is closed. However, if you wish to tour the island, you may do say by either taking the TEMPORARY LINE at Pioneer Central Station outbound to Island 4 (the line there is in both directions, so keep that in mind. If someone's on the line, then you will crash), and then swimming/jumping to the island (which is populated by floating trees), or by Swimming. Your choice.

Libertas is the second island in the Pioneer Islands area. Although the only thing that stands there is an abandoned entrance (the old bridge connecting it to Pioneer Island is gone). However, the island will be home to a golf course, and the Amphitheatre. Other houses/buildings will also be here, but planning is still going on. Currently, you can go there to explore the area, and maybe chop down the floating trees :b

Info on Island 4

Island 4 will be the transit hub to Pioneer Forest and Libertas Island. A station is currently built there, but the island is far from complete.

Other Areas

Aperture Mesa: South of Pioneer Island, Aperture Mesa is a mesa that is home to the company by the same name. The only thing on the island is an old water cannon that has been converted into a waterfall. You can still access the cannon though :)

Pioneer Forest: Facing North of the bridge is the Forest. This will be home to Sprite Valley, and is free to anyone in the area for use. Do replant trees after use.

Sprite Valley: Valley facing north of Pioneer Island that will be covered in sprites.

Coasts near Foxcity: This area is home to a controlled dungeon in a small cave system

Two Tophats: Formally an island (island 3), Two Tophats resides near Gamma Mine and the entrance. First pixelated art.

Memorials: The Japan Memorial may be moved near by, and a planned 9/11 memorial will start on August 25th (groundbreaking of WTC Complex), and finish on September 10th.


I wanna build! Where can I contact you?
Contact me either on the server (I am pakelah), or via IRC (I'm in #tombobblender's room, you can also PM me). Do not email me or PM me here, I probably won't notice.

Why is this Info Page not complete?
I'm a busy person, and I already am planning what to do next
-Put pictures in
-Add more color to fonts
But this will happen when something major happens, not now.

How long has this project taken you?
I've been building this from March 2011 to now.

When will it be completed?
In reality; never. I will always still have ideas and I'll expand the island to encompass more areas surrounding the island. However, for what I have planned, I honestly don't know. There's still so much to be done, and more people need to visit. It makes my head spin o-o

Why did you move <inserthyp64'screationhere> to the Pioneer Islands?!? I LIKED THAT
Because either I wanted it on or near the island or you did something to make me mad, so you get no fancy building! YOU GET NOTHING.

I can't build or mine in PUBLIC mines? WTF?
Thanks to a special someone, I had to protect the whole area. I'll set up more regions for PUBLIC use, but for now, anything that's considered "public" is private. If you want to build, again, ask me.

Why did you put in a Monorail when you have a warp? Idiot :b
That warp is being moved to Island 4. Deal with it. It's only there for /my/ convinence, and will be privatized soon for me/BrawlerX/Foxtrot200/Takochu! The public warp will again be at Island 4. I want people using the monorail as a means of transportation :b

I wanna put a sprite up on Sprite Valley!
You will have your chance... let me put the stuff I WANT up first :b

Soooo, I'm scared to go into Pioneer Forest :S Will I get shot?!?
Possibly. That's why Island 4 exists, so you have a safe alternative to entering the forest rather than risk me shooting arrows at you.

Page Updates
Current Version: 1.0
Ok, so now it exists. Still needs fine tuning, but at least it has an actual page :b

Next Version: 1.2
-Pictures of places will be put in
-Directions will be more clear
-Updates to everything
-add font colour to headings and stuff

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