FoxCity Entertainment Plaza - NOW OPEN!!!

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FoxCity Entertainment Plaza - NOW OPEN!!!

Post by Foxtrot200 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:10 pm

The FoxCity Entertainment Plaza is NOW OPEN!!!


The FoxCity Entertainment Plaza is an area in FoxCity dedicated to entertainment based structures. It also contains the entrance to the FoxCity Transport Center!

The structures in the FoxCity Entertainment Plaza are:

Spleef Arena
The Spleef Arena is built for both casual and professional games of Spleef, a game invented in Minecraft. It contains a playing field and spectator seating.
Spleef is a game in Minecraft where players run around on the playing field while breaking blocks from it and trying to stay on the playing field while attempting to make other players fall below. Typical rules are tools are allowed and loser fixes the field. This allows multiple rounds to be played quickly and easily! More info on Spleef can be found here:

PvP Arena
The PvP Arena is an arena built almost identical to the Spleef Arena that is designed for player versus player combat.
Typical PvP rules are undefined and are usually agreed upon before the match begins. Be sure to know the person you're entering combat with or store your belongings prior to the battle or you could find yourself at a huge loss.
I'm currently accepting designs for the playing field. If you have an idea, you can submit it here:
The playing field is 44x44 blocks.

Aquatic Center
The Aquatic Center is an area designated for water based recreation and fun. It contains an Olympic regulation sized pool, springboard, and diving platform. It also has a water slide, locker rooms, and a lava heated hot tub.

Creative Center
The Creative Center is an area dedicated to building contests and related events. During these contests, builders will be given rights to the inside of the Creative Center where they can construct their creations. What will become of these creations after the contests is undecided at the moment.

Now that you know what's there, why not come take a look? There's quite a bit to do and it's all free*!

If you would like to schedule an event and reserve a building, you may do so at

*When there are no special events scheduled.
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