1.8 Bukkit Update (Better late than never?)

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1.8 Bukkit Update (Better late than never?)

Postby Foxtrot200 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:24 am

After that display of "griefing" on our temp world, I decided I'd been holding it off long enough, so I did it: I updated Bukkit. As usual, this probably means I broke something.

BUT before you all go on contacting me about what I broke, allow me to explain a few changes:

Please feel free to contest these changes. If you don't like something, tell me about it and I will gladly take note of your concerns.
  • Warps: I changed the way warps are used. Now, you will not be able to use the /warp command to travel. Instead, you will have to create and use warp signs. I re-enabled warp commands. (Warp signs are used by right clicking them)
    To create a warp sign, place a sign and put either MyWarp or xWarp on the top line. Then, on the second line, put the name of your warp. Additionally, you can use a one line format which follows the syntax "Warp: warp name" on the top line.
    To create a warp, just do as you did before with the /warp create command.
  • mcMMO: This one, I am really excited about. mcMMO is a skill and levels system for Minecraft SMP servers. It combines experience and special abilities with Minecraft. There's too much involved in it for me to explain here, so I highly recommend you check out the wiki. There's some good stuff in there!
  • Multiple worlds: This isn't anything new, but I thought I'd point it out. We are running two worlds now. How is this different than before? Now, the second world is 1.8!
    No, the 1.8 world isn't the 1.8 temp world. I felt that world was a bit worn so I made a new one for you guys to explore. I can't say we will ever see the 1.8 temp world again because of 1.9, but I have a plan for it.
    To answer any lingering questions: No, we will sadly not be going back to the 1.7.3 survival world. However, you do not have to miss it because I have uploaded it and it can be downloaded here (80.2 MB)!

Unfortunately, Spout Backpack is still broken for whatever reason (for me, at least). If it still works for you, that's great! However, if you find that it's not working, please contact me so I know it's not just me. Also, if you'd like anything from your broken backpack, let me know. I still have the inventory files on my computer.

As usual, contact me with your problems, concerns, questions, and general feedback. I greatly appreciate it!
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Re: 1.8 Bukkit Update (Better late than never?)

Postby KreamCheese » Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:07 pm

Yay, we get to have our old (survival) world back...sorta lol well, anyway, thanks for that and i'll post here again later tonight, probably, when I have a little bit more extra time to test out everything new in the server. So i'll get back with you soonish.
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