Update 1.5 - COMPLETE!

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Update 1.5 - COMPLETE!

Postby Foxtrot200 » Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:08 pm

Original post:
Minecraft B1.5 is out! This is both good and bad. As usual, it's broken Bukkit and we now have to wait for the Bukkit team to finish deobfuscating and modding the Minecraft server software again and after that, we have to wait for the plugins to be updated to work with it. Also, just like before, the temp server is up with the latest default Minecraft server software, so you can get on and play with the new achievements, minecart tracks, and weather systems.

Unlike last time, I don't imagine there will be much change between the previous version and the latest version. Last update, there was much laziness on the part of the plugin devs and we had to wait and wait (thank you very much, Sk89q...), but since I have nothing to complain about with our current plugins, I won't have a need to replace any (aside from ChatCensor which failed miserably from the moment I installed it).

It appears the Bukkit Team has decided to wait for bug fixes before they start updating Bukkit. This may seem unfair, but think of it through their eyes; They have to deobfuscate EVERY update Mojang releases and they'd rather not release an updated Bukkit just to have to do all the work again. In the meantime, you can play 1.5 on the temp world. For more info, take a look at this: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/when-w ... 1-5.13701/

Why we have to wait: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/oh-no- ... -do.10662/

Craftbukkit on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Craftbukkit

Craftbukkit has released a recommended build for MC b1.5 which means I can begin the update process. Over the next couple of days, I will be researching plugins and testing the server. This means that if you happen to get on, expect it to go down immediately as during testing, I start the server and shut it down rapidly to generate new config files and to write any errors that might occur to the console log.

To Do:
Backup worlds - Complete!
Update/Add plugins - Complete!
Launch and test for errors - Complete!
Configure and Test - Complete!
Debug if necessary - Not needed!
Final Launch - Completed!

Added ChocolateFever
Added Confess
Added XThrottle
Added Help

Removed ChatCensor
Removed AppleTree

Updated Everything Else
Changed /help command to run from new Help plugin
Changed /motd and /rules to run from CommandBook
Changed CommandBook settings to disallow giving portals and mob spawners with /give and /i
Changed Rules to reflect the Signing Up to Play Minecraft topic
Changed XThrottle kick message, timeout length, and ignore list.
Changed permissions: (Permissions inherited upwards through chain of ranks)

--Granted commandbook.motd
--Granted commandbook.rules

--Denied mcdocs./rules
--Denied mcdocs./motd

--Granted confess.get
--Granted confess.check
--Granted commandbook.weather

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