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Changing to Spigot

Post by Foxtrot200 » Wed May 15, 2013 11:55 am

So, as it stands, the Minecraft server runs perfectly fine. It's playable, I haven't really heard any complaints (except that minecarts and boats are broken for some reason), and people seem happy playing on it. Why is this relevant, you may ask? The answer is simple: I'm about to break everything!

Actually, I'll be doing just the opposite (I hope.) Sometime this week, I'll be swapping out the server's Craftbukkit software for Craftbukkit-based server software Spigot.

What is Spigot?
Spigot is an optimized fork of Craftbukkit with a few extra features. This includes performance tweaks designed to cut back on CPU and memory usage and, consequently, lag. It also includes things like server hang detection and in-built anti-X-ray! On top of all that, it's compatible with most, if not all, Craftbukkit plugins! This means that all of our plugins and worlds will work just fine and even faster than before!

When will this happen?
Expect it to be done by the end of this weekend. It shouldn't take me more than an hour to back everything up and swap the files, but don't hold me to it. The worst case scenario here would be corrupted server files which I would just restore from a backup in the event that that occurs.

From the perspective of the players, I don't expect much to change other than a performance increase.
As always, thanks for playing!
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