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Postby Foxtrot200 » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:37 pm

FoxShop is now up and running!
At FoxShop I collect all the materials so you don't have to!
Here's a list of my inventory and prices.

20% off stacks!

Is something you want out of stock? Get yourself on the reserve list!

I also offer a couple of services:

Foxtrot200 Mining Service
Description: I come down and mine with you! While mining, I will drain lava and fend off mobs ensuring you find what you're looking for.
Cost: Some of the minerals in your mine. No gold, diamond, or lazuli unless you allow me to take it.

Cactus Green to Coco Beans
Description: I take your cactus green dye and give you coco beans!
Cost: FREE!

Foxtrot200's Redstone Service
Description: I try to do the best redstone wiring I can so you don't have to.
Cost: Cost of Materials. The work is free because I need the practice.

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