List of Cities in TomBobBlender MC Server.

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List of Cities in TomBobBlender MC Server.

Post by RenTimH » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:24 am

I was thinking of the cities of going to around the TBB MC server.

Please describe the city that you already own, and what is your job rank in your town, and who else is part of it.

RenTimH and Golfpro's Underwater City:

City Job Rank:
RenTimH - King
Golfpro - Mayor
BrawlerX - Senator
(More coming soon.)

Underneath the Onett Road, there is a town that leads you to the aqua dome like village. Which there are 2 ways to get inside.

1: Jump in to the water behind the sign with the pumpkin, be careful when you jump in, it's a long way down, so don't lose all your items on low to medium health, or it will go to the lost and found. You can get out of the water before you drowned.

2: The stairs made by a random user has made a mine or anything else.


Place: Underwater City Mansion, U.W.C. Bar, Lost and found inventory, Church, Creeper House, Apartments 1 to 6 (Tree houses are included as apartments.) Pig farm near creeper house, and apartment 1, Boat shop.

Residents: RenTimH, Golfpro, and BrawlerX, Seakat, Hyp64, ZippyShippy (Shipguy).
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