About the Server!

Visit here for any information relating to the Minecraft Server hosted by The TomBobBlender Show.
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About the Server!

Post by Foxtrot200 » Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:42 pm

Our Minecraft server is currently running CraftBukkit Release Build #733 hosted at Xenonservers.com.

About CraftBukkit
Craftbukkit is a Minecraft server mod that provides an API for easy server modification.
Put simply, Craftbukkit is the normal Minecraft server with a plugins folder.
What separates Craftbukkit from other server mods is that Craftbukkit is pretty much it's own server software, aside from Mojang's original code. This makes it incompatible with any other server mods for Minecraft, but what it lacks in server mods, it makes up in server plugins.

About the Server
Our server is what is known as a freebuild/survival server. Basically, you're free to build whatever you like, that isn't inappropriate, but you must gather the materials yourself and you must protect yourself from both hostile mobs and the elements.

Here is a list of plugins on the server. One plugin is not listed here for security purposes. You may suggest more to be added in the Feature Request sub-forum under the Minecraft section of the forums.

AFKBooter - Kicks idlers from the server after a period of time. (Set at 5 minutes of inactivity)
AssignPermissions - Allows in-game modification of groups for mods and admins.
BigBrother - Logs several things such as block changes, item use, and chest access.
ChocolateFever - Makes apples and cocoa beans fall from trees and cocoa beans drop from crops.
CommandBook - Provides general commands like /me, /help, /motd, /say, /kick, /ban, etc.
Confess - Allows admins to view another player's inventory.
CraftBook - Adds several new mechanisms to Minecraft including minecart brakes and integrated redstone circuits.
Help - Allows other plugins to inject their commands into the /help command.
iChat - Adds group names and colors to the chat.
iConomy - Adds a currency to the server for economy support.
Jail - Allows the jailing of unruly players.
LWC - Allows the locking and protection of chests, dispensers, furnaces, signs, and doors.
MCDocs - Provides a method for distributing data through chat commands. (used for /registration and /news)
MultiVerse - Allows multi-world transport via Nether portals.
MyHome - Allows players to set a home point that they can warp to at any time.
MyWarp - Allows players to create warps that they and their friends can travel to at any time.
NoCheat - Prevents cheats such as speedhacks and fly mods.
Permissions - Creates users and groups settings for other plugins.
SimpleSave - Automatically saves the world at a specified interval. (currently 10 minutes)
Tele++ - Allows players to teleport to other players and coordinates. (Currently mods and admins only.)
TimeShift - Allows constant day/night.
WolfSpawn - Respawns wolves on death.
WorldEdit - Allows the quick editing of the world and provides the functions necessary for WorldGuard regions.
WorldGuard - Allows the creation of cuboid regions that have various settings like protection, PvP, and mob damage.
XThrottle - Prevents login griefing (When someone login spams the server to death).
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About the Server

Post by Numboccubre » Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:55 pm

Slots? Maps? Mods/plugins? Costs?

Whats the plan to make it work this time, unline the previously never-populated server with odd settings?

Id like to help you guys out on this one. Currently the only thing Im playing is a surf server full of people who dont know how to read rules and act more mature than 12-year olds.
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Re: About the Server!

Post by Infexshun » Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:31 am

The server has been down a couple nights now. I'm having withdrawels. If it's going to go down perm is it possible i can have a copy of the 1.1 world? Myself and Ianmorris have taken over an npc village and been slowly transforming it.

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Re: About the Server!

Post by KreamCheese » Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:10 pm

Idk if you've seen Foxy's post, but here (http://www.tombobblender.com/forum/view ... 125&t=1110) but he explains what's happening with the server as of now. =)
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