The server has been disabled

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The server has been disabled

Post by Foxtrot200 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:44 am

The server is back up. Old post quoted below for archive purposes.
As your may have figured out, the Minecraft server is down. Unfortunately, this is because every 3 months, Tom has to pay $80 to keep the server alive. Although it may not sound like much for 3 months, Tom has other more important expenses to deal with and is unable to maintain payments to Xenon Servers. Fear not, however, for at this moment, I still have access to the admin account and, although I am unable to restart the server, I am downloading all of the server files. I don't know what the future looks like, so I'd rather not distribute the files just yet, but know that they are safe and I will be making an extra copy of them soon.

For those of you saying "$80? That's a lot for a 20 slot Minecraft server!" let's take a look at how Xenon Servers prices their servers and what they offer:

What they offer

Xenon Servers has this list on their Minecraft server ordering page (This is all free when ordering a server):
• No Branding
• Dedicated IP
• Automatic Setup
• Free MySQL Database
• TCAdmin Control Panel
• Automatic Mod Installer
Clan Pay Donation system
• Full FTP and File Manager Access
• 1024 MB base memory allocation (upgradeable for $15.00 per GB); we recommend no more than 20 players per GB of memory allocated, however, this can be adjusted at your own discretion. No charge for additional players.

As you can see, they offer quite a bit for $15/month.


First, they charge based on what your payment plan is:
One Month: $15/month
3 Months: $14.25/month
6 Months: $13.50/month
12 Months: $12.75/month

Next, they add the cost for each additional gigabyte of RAM you ordered. They start you with one gigabyte, but if you want more, you have to buy it. Each additional gigabyte of RAM is the equivalent of another server, so they charge you as if you're buying another server on the same plan.

In Tom's case, he's paying for:

1 Minecraft Server on a 3 month payment plan (5% discount)
with one additional gigabyte of RAM (totaling 2 GB for the server)

that translates to:

$15 * (3 * 0.05) = $42.75
* 2 = $85.50

With all that in mind, the Minecraft server costs Tom $85.50 for every invoice, but remember that Tom also pays about $2 for the mumble server every month, so that's $117.50 gone in 3 months just for the stream and the stream doesn't even pay back since Ustream's decline!

I just want you all to know that there was really nothing anyone could do; It was a matter of funds that couldn't be made. Remember that Tom has a personal life that takes priority, and rightly so.

So, in the event that the server can't be resurrected, I want to thank you all for playing with us and I hope your experience was satisfactory!

Also, if anyone has a spare $90 laying around, you could donate it to the Minecraft server's clan pay donation system and re-enable the server for another 3 months: ... 7-c29c7-bf
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