The SNES Classic Preorder – My Story

It was a Monday night and I had gotten home from work around 9:30. A long day for me, and I was pretty tired. I still hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so I made something for myself. I decided to stream some more Splatoon 2, so at 10:26p PT I went live and started to get ready. As I was setting the YouTube live stream titles, I toggled over to Twitter to see if my auto-tweet went through. It was then when I saw a tweet announcing that pre-orders were still up on Best Buy. Still up? I never knew they went up at all today! It didn’t matter to me, instead I flew to the Best Buy website and tried my best to just pre-order. I had pre-ordered my Switch with them and it went swimmingly. As you checkout, you can decide whether to have it ship to the store or to your home. I opted to have it sent directly to me, but when I went to finalize, an error showed up saying my address was outside of their range or whatever, which has never happened before. So I back up and try it again. Nothing. Eventually, I just told it to send it to a nearby Best Buy location. That worked! After taxes, it came to $87.19. Out of curiosity, I refreshed the page. The Pre-order button had changed to a grayed out ‘Coming Soon’. I just made it. I later learned that the pre-order window was only 20 minutes before it was gone. Moments later, my friend Neko walked through my front door with my very own Famicom Mini! At around 10:51p PT, I announced on my stream that I was able to secure a pre-order! Now I’m really excited! After the torture I went through to get my NES Classic Edition just a few months ago, I’m happy that is over with. Now the wait begins!