10-Year YouTube Mario Paint Videos Anniversary

Today’s my 10 YEAR Anniversary of Mario Paint videos on YouTube. My life changed forever through this silly idea.

I have met some really fascinating people both on and off line, and many of those people I still talk to today. It was never something I expected, and was something I was completely new to. Talking to people online seemed so strange to me, let alone making any meaningful friendships. It all seemed silly to me.

Around this time, MySpace was a thing, and Facebook was pretty much limited to my college friends. Everyone I knew online was someone I knew in real life. Until YouTube. Posting videos on YouTube and having a complete stranger leaving messages for me felt very different. It took me a while to get used to the whole idea. It followed by people trying to get in direct contact with me, starting with the YouTube inbox. Sometimes for just simple questions, a few words of praise or the desire to learn more about me. Was this normal? Should I tell my personal friends know about this? Or was this some kind of second-life thing. I didn’t know what to do, but I tried my best to see where it would go. I created an AIM account and a Skype account and before I knew it was having actual voice conversations with people. Whaaaat. It took a year to really let it all sink in. Fast forward 10 years, and it’s become a huge part of my life. HUGE. Almost necessary. Most of my friendships I made 10 years ago are still active today. I can’t even think of any real life friends who have stuck around that long. I guess all I can really say is thank you. Thank you to everyone, for everything. You all make me smile in different ways. I am so grateful for everything.