Today is March 1st and it could have been a good one. A GREAT one! It was the day I was going to get my long-awaited Hi-Def NES in the mail. Priority. Two-day delivery through the United States Postal Service. I knew I had to sign for it, so I was sure to monitor the door today. Eventually I had to leave for work, so my friend Eevee volunteered to door sit. I set it up so they would text me on the delivery status, which informed me in the morning that it was out for delivery today. YAY! Around 2 PM, I received a text saying that the package was unable to be delivered because nobody was home to sign it, and that they left the re-delivery slip on the door. I asked Eevee about it, and he said no one had knocked or anything. He looked around or a delivery slip, and there was absolutely nothing. What the hell. When I came home tonight, I decided to check my locked mailbox. Guess what was in there. THE PACKAGE SLIP. Claiming no one was home to sign for the package, so they had to return it to the Post Office. Yeah. More like you DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO DELIVER IT TO MY ACTUAL DOOR AND JUST THROUGH THE SLIP INTO THE MAILBOX.

Fuck you, US’POS’PS.

Glad I paid to have it priority and with a signature for safety. The same thing happened with my NES ROB. I’ll just pick it up tomorrow morning.