Yoshi’s 69 Surprise

On Saturday nights, I typically enjoy streaming an online game. Lately it has been Mario Kart 8, and tonights races were very unique. It turns out that there were five separate occasions where each of us got a 69 point score during our races, including myself, who seemingly only got it for the first time ever (in the game, that is…). To celebrate, we usually post about it in our Miiverse community. YoshiDDR, a fantastic racer and adorably cute Yoshi, manages to frequently score a 69 in the races. Tonight while looking through my Swapdoodle notes, it seems that Yoshi had sent me some art of his 69 journey in the tournament. He had a frame where you see his shirt AND pants being tossed off his body. Oh my. In the next frame was a beautifully drawn, sleek and sexy Yoshi sporting golden underwear and a ripped chest. It had me rolling. I didn’t expect it from him. At all. It was so great. I love love LOVED it. And I LOVE YOSHIDDR!