A Nice Friday For a Change!

We’ve been having some pretty yucky luck with having a decent Friday lately, but the sun continues to shine a good time. It was also a stroke of good luck for me, having seemingly lost my 11 year old iPod since last Friday somehow turned up today! I’ll explain what had happened.

After leaving a group lesson last Friday, during the downpour in the mid afternoon, I had to cross the street to get to my car. I was also running a bit late to my next class, which didn’t help. Anyway, as I was putting my large bag of music stuffs into my car, I just threw it over the front seat into the back seat. Normally I take the time to open my trunk and place it there, but in my haste with the weather conditions and time management, I decided against it. I went on with my day until I came home that night and started lesson planning for the next day. When I generated a new playlist on my computer for tomorrow’s class, I went to grab my iPod from the bag for syncing and… it wasn’t there. Everything else was, though. The speaker, the wiring and plushies. I noticed that I didn’t fully zip the side. Gosh darnit, now what. Don’t tell me I left it at the school. I then realized that the school would be closed all weekend and also on Monday due to President’s Day, so I wouldn’t be able to check until at least Tuesday. Oh nooooo. Or maybe it fell out in the car as I sloppily tossed it over the front seat? Possible. It was dark outside, and the iPod was black and tiny. I searched what felt like everywhere, and nothing. I ripped apart all of my bags, knowing full well it could have never been there, but you never know. Then I started having horrible thoughts of it falling out between my transit from the school to my car, sitting on the pavement during the downpour, washed away into the sewers, or fallen out just before getting into my car and being run over, or having someone find it and keeping it. Just horrible. I originally got it from a friend of mine back in 2006 who found it in their schools’ lost and found. It ended up never getting claimed for over 30 days, so she gave it to me. I ended up using it a lot during my commutes on the NYC Subway to and from student teaching. I’ve held onto it ever since. But NO WAY it’s gone! Sadly I created a backup plan and moved the music to my phone to playback for at least tomorrow’s lesson. It worked, but interfered with my once-immaculate pacing and transitions between songs. It came to a head when I had a dream that I had FOUND MY iPOD. It was in my hands, and I could see the faded silver back!! When I woke up and I still didn’t have it, I grew anxious. Maybe this was a sign?

Today, while driving to work, I had remembered that several group classes were not in session due to the Winter Break, and my box of keyboards wasn’t touched. What if. WHAT IF. While I had thrown the bag into the backseat… Maybe it somehow fell out of the bag and into the keyboard tote. Possible? After parking, I tore up the back seat and dragged the tote out. I puled out a few keyboards, but I didn’t it. I pulled out the last two and guess what fell out from being stuck between two keyboards. Yep! There it was! The happiness I felt was glorious. I happily charged it while I taught the remainder of my classes for the day. Now to share this happy ending with my class tomorrow!