Mario Maker Stage Creations

I think it’s a very nice thing to offer to play someones stage, without having known them ahead of time, nor the kind of stage it’s going to be. I extend this opportunity to my viewers when I stream, and it’s usually the “Twitch” community which, through experience, are not always the brightest people of the bunch, nor the friendliest. I try to be fair with how I approach the stages I play, giving them an honest attempt before I either decide to keep trying or move on to another stage.

Generally, if the stage kills me as soon as it starts, I’m not going to play it. I like to be able to enter a stage, be able to look around and then decide where to go. Observe my surroundings a bit. None of this Kaizo KRAP. It’s just not my style. Also if I end up dying a lot in a particular spot due to some ridiculous frame-perfect platforming elite nonsense, I’ll grow impatient rather quickly. Puzzle stages are okay, as long as it doesn’t take forever to just get through the stage itself, minus the time it takes to figure out the actual puzzle. Hunting for 10 keys in a huge world without a midway checkpoint is a bit daunting, especially if you run out of in game time and have to start over. I really miss platforming stages that aren’t bombarded with death traps, one-way doors, spikes lining your path and such. I don’t see many people sending them in. Those make me the happiest.

Generally if I skip over a stage I don’t like, the viewer is okay with it and thanks me for at least trying. Ya know, respectfully. One time when I skipped over someones stage he got very upset, almost felt HUMILIATED because his stage supposedly won international competitions or whatever. Well CONGRATULATIONS, I am so proud of your accomplishments, but your stage wasn’t for me. He also didn’t like any constructive criticism lol but oh well, I’m a teacher and it’s what I do for just about everything.

Can’t wait to play some more stages.