NES Mods Make Me Happy

For those who know me well enough know how much I love modding electronics to improve them in some way. I’ve always had an interest in electronics, especially figuring out how they work and how they do what they do. I’ve done a ton of different modifications to my NES specifically, and have taken it apart over a dozen times growing up to clean it or diagnose problems. About 10 years ago, replacing the 72-Pin connector was among the first repairs I think I’ve done. I wondered what else I could do with the NES since, over the years, I’ve had collected about 5 of them from various flea markets and game stores in varied conditions. I had one particular case that was discolored and chipped in certain parts, so I was willing to use it for other purposes. It wasn’t long before I removed all of the contents of the then-broken NES and came up with a weird idea to try and mount a DVD player into an NES case. I remember seeing a small model in Wal-Mart and decided to buy it. I think it was around $30. I even wired the NES LED, power and reset switch to function the DVD player. In the end it all worked just fine. It’s still functional today, but it’s stuffed in a storage closet in another faraway state. I uploaded my project to my YouTube channel¬†which received varied reactions.

I have a few other NES mods I’ve done, but I can save that for another blog. Tonight, I wanted to share something else. Back in December, I preordered a mod kit for my NES that would allow me to run my NES through HDMI at 1080p natively. Just today I was informed that my preorder had shipped. The process to install this on my NES seems a bit daunting, especially since I lack the proper tools. I decided to hire someone to install it for me, so I’ll be setting that up pretty soon. If you’re interested in what I ordered and what it does, check it out here.