I had preordered a Blinking Light Win for my NES back in December. I was notified that it was being delivered a few days back. Upon reading the delivery tracking, I noticed that it was delivered without the apartment number, so it got sent back to headquarters. This has happened a few times with different businesses. They sometimes leave off the extra field needed for Apartment Numbers. I sent off an email to them and they wrote back ‘noted’. I think that’s a good thing?

69 Times Over

Today we celebrated our 69th Mario Kart 8 TomBobTourney! We celebrated with a wonderful online race as we typically do on Saturday’s, followed by a thorough and exaggerated look at all of our Miiverse posts from our tourneys’ history. It was a great to look back at our history. Now we just worry about whether this content will stay around forever or not.

Mario Maker Stage Creations

I think it’s a very nice thing to offer to play someones stage, without having known them ahead of time, nor the kind of stage it’s going to be. I extend this opportunity to my viewers when I stream, and it’s usually the “Twitch” community which, through experience, are not always the brightest people of the bunch, nor the friendliest. I try to be fair with how I approach the stages I play, giving them an honest attempt before I either decide to keep trying or move on to another stage.

Generally, if the stage kills me as soon as it starts, I’m not going to play it. I like to be able to enter a stage, be able to look around and then decide where to go. Observe my surroundings a bit. None of this Kaizo KRAP. It’s just not my style. Also if I end up dying a lot in a particular spot due to some ridiculous frame-perfect platforming elite nonsense, I’ll grow impatient rather quickly. Puzzle stages are okay, as long as it doesn’t take forever to just get through the stage itself, minus the time it takes to figure out the actual puzzle. Hunting for 10 keys in a huge world without a midway checkpoint is a bit daunting, especially if you run out of in game time and have to start over. I really miss platforming stages that aren’t bombarded with death traps, one-way doors, spikes lining your path and such. I don’t see many people sending them in. Those make me the happiest.

Generally if I skip over a stage I don’t like, the viewer is okay with it and thanks me for at least trying. Ya know, respectfully. One time when I skipped over someones stage he got very upset, almost felt HUMILIATED because his stage supposedly won international competitions or whatever. Well CONGRATULATIONS, I am so proud of your accomplishments, but your stage wasn’t for me. He also didn’t like any constructive criticism lol but oh well, I’m a teacher and it’s what I do for just about everything.

Can’t wait to play some more stages.

I Have Got This Feeling

I’ve been going through phases of grossness all week starting with a sore throat in development over Saturday night and completely destroying my voice throughout Sunday, just in time for the Super Owl celebrations. Through the week, it progressed to my nose and sinuses, though my voice is coming back, thank goodness. This thing usually lasts for about 7-10 days, so I’m gonna stick it out a bit longer.

That took Phoever

I had a dinner date with my friend Eevee and to meet his mother for the first time. I’m usually very punctual, but I was bombarded with a bunch of questions from parents and colleagues about the state test in music next week that I was held over for nearly 20 minutes. Of all nights, too. We still had fun at dinner, though. Pho is pretty much yummy at any time.

Roller Skating and Ice Skating

A conversation came up at dinner about going out to roller skate or ice skate. I have ice skated before, only once, in Times Square in front of the Christmas tree about 15 years ago, but I don’t think I have any memories of roller skating. I might try it, but I’m so super paranoid about damaging my hands these days. I think that’s when I kinda stepped away from sports all together when I realized that my hands were going to be a huge part of my life and career.

I don’t think they’d have them in my size anyway. At least not where they can be easily found.

Mega Man 2.5D Gets a 2.5 from Me

I managed to finish the game last night. I wasn’t all that impressed overall. A neat idea, but that second Wily Stage was such a deal breaker for me. A platforming nightmare. Way too many spikes.

Superb Owl Sunday

Happy Superb Owl day. I hope you all had a good one. My started off with a sore throat which for some reason is always the most painful when first waking up then starts to fade as the day goes on. My speaking voice is about 90 octaves lower than usual, and I hope I have some use of it tomorrow for my school meeting I have to run.

Last night I decided to stream that 2.5D Mega Man fan game. I wasn’t really impressed with it overall, and there are so many bugs I found in the game. For starters, I managed to slide through the wall twice and kill myself in the weird screen-wrapping thing. If you collect a health pellet and bring up the menu, the sound effect continues to play until you exit. I also felt that some of the stages were way too long and the checkpoints were oddly placed. There are so many intentional death traps in the game, which I find increasingly annoying, especially with a bed of spikes at the bottom of a blind jump. The early Wily Castles take too damn long to get through and are littered with spikes everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Then you try to combine underwater platforming with walls of spikes and enemies that cannot be killed… a bit ridiculous. I intend to finish the game at some point, but I was beyond aggravated at the game and on top of that, starting to not feel well. I also found some of the music remixes to be a big over-the-top; piling on 4 or 5 additional harmony tracks doesn’t make it automatically better, making it sound a bit cluttered and overdone. What they did to Shadow Man was definitely not one of my favorites.

I guess I should finish the game.


Lasagna for Saturday

Those who really know me know that lasagna is my favorite food ever. Those who didn’t know that are now in the know. Now you know. I decided to bake it tonight since tomorrow is the Super something going on around here about some teams I’ve never heard of nor care about. I could go for some chips and dip though. That’s always nice to look forward to on days like that.

My second favorite food is spaghetti.