It’s Nice Outside For a Change!

Through all of these many consecutive days of constant rain and chilly weather, it’s great to see the sun out again. And with rainy weather comes faster development of potholes, something I’m not used to seeing here. Also more roadwork has been completed to fix all those ridiculous potholes that have been rampant on my daily commute to work. They didn’t just fill in the holes which come apart in a few weeks, but rather ripped up full slabs of concrete and replaced it with giant replacements. I noticed my ride home tonight was much smoother. I was already preconditioned to know exactly where to swerve to avoid these potholes. I’m hoping the entire road itself will be repaved sometime soon.

Today I also learned what causes potholes in the first place, thanks to KQED.

California Drought to Flooded

So it seems that the entire state of California is officially out of the drought. Very exciting, though I have already been used to the water-saving measures taken the past few years. The only downside is the flooding in the area, resulting in road closures and several delays for travel. As many as 16,000 families needed to evacuate their houses due to the flooding in San Jose. Crazy!

NES Mod Kit Was Delivered

The modder confirmed that he received my package, so that was one less thing I have to worry about. I don’t mind him taking his time with the project, I’m in no hurry getting it back, and I know what kind of work needs to go into it to get it installed. I would have done it myself, but I lack the proper tools and felt it needed to be handled by someone experienced.

President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! I hope you all enjoyed your day off. And for those who didn’t have the day off, I’m sorry if you had to drive in this rain the lasted all day. Since I was stuck indoors the whole day, I went through the fridge and started to cook whatever I could find, including some cookie dough packets from forever ago. I also made some pancakes! Not your typical Monday, but it worked for us!

The Piano Exams

Many of you know I’m a music teacher. In California State, there is a music program that offers yearly testing and evaluations for student performances. It is optional, but it’s also a good motivator for some. As I am a member of MTAC, we are required to¬†“mandatory volunteer’ throughout the day doing different things. I usually end up grading theory papers, which I am happy to do. Unfortunately, it takes away my whole Sunday, but thankfully, tomorrow is a federal holiday, so I’ll be able to do my usual Sunday stuff then. And really throw off my schedule and confuse myself.

What Tracking Number?

It seems I forgot to follow my tracking number regarding my NES I had sent off a few days back. It seems to have arrived to its destination okay, but the modder won’t be able to pick it up until Tuesday, which is fine with me. I’m in no rush to get it back anyway. I’m happy enough to know it got there.

It Always Rained on Friday’s

I remember back in graduate school, it always managed to rain on Friday’s and it always irritated me so much. I was never a fan of rain, and I continue to wonder about those who are. It ruins so much about your day, especially for drivers in California. There is nothing scarier than being on the road with California drivers when it rains. I would hate to see them drive in snow, sleet, iced roads. It is truly scary to think about.

Yucky Rain

We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately, and thank goodness that Northern California is now falling out of our serious drought. We still have a few more scheduled days of rain coming next week, so we’ll see!

Shipping Day

Today I packaged up my NES, the NES HDMI Kit and the Blinking Light Win into a large flat-rate USPS shipping box. I made sure it was well insulated before sending it off. This is the second Nintendo console I have sent off to be professionally modded. In the past, I have sent off my 3DS to install a capture board on it, and then some time later I resent it off again to install an external controller adapter. I will keep you informed about the project!

Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I always give out cards and treats to everyone I care about. Lucky for me, tonight is rehearsal, so I spent a good two hours filling out cards for around 30 people. I even have enough to give to all of my students throughout the week as I see them. It’s my 4th favorite holiday!